Identity card of the wineyard

The domain is located on Puisseguin hillsides, at 9 kilometers from Saint-Emilion.

Total surface : 25 hectares
Surface in production : 12 hectares
Density : 5500 vine stock per hectare
Grape varieties : 91% Black Merlot, 9% Cabernet Franc
Soil : clay and limestone

Owners and operators : Dominique and Bernard Bessède

Château La Vaisinerie

Appellation Puisseguin Saint-Emilion Contrôlée
Dussert-Gerbert ranking : 1st great wine ranked with 5 stars

Millésime 2015 : Médaille d’Or Concours des Féminalise à Beaune (21) le 16 avril 2015

Millésime 2005 : Médaille de Bronze Mâcon 2007, Médaille d’Argent Concours Bourg Blaye 2007

L’Excellence du Château La Vaisinerie

Confidential vintage of 2400 bottles from very old vines of the domain

Le Quercus du Château  La Vaisinerie

Appellation Puisseguin Saint-Emilion Contrôlée

Millésime 2015 : Médaille d’Or Concours des Féminalise à Beaune (21) le 16 avril 2015, Quercus monde : sélection BRUXELLES

Millésime 2007 : Médaille d’Argent Concours Bordeaux 2009, Médaille d’Argent : Monde Sélection Brux

Close-up on sustainable wine-growing :

Sustainable wine-growing?
What is this ?

According to French Law, it “corresponds to global process and farming management that aim, beyond regulation constraints, to reinforce positive effect of agricultural practices on the environment while reducing its negative effects. […]

Beyond food safety, which is a must for any production, sustainable production methods can facilitate mastering of health risks an contribute to a better animal welfare. It also contributes to improve working conditions.

Why treating vine, and how ?

Vine needs constant care and protection ; various vine deceases like Phylloxera have barely wiped out wine growing from entire regions in 19th century in France.

A sustainable struggle consists in “interventions triggered after an estimation of real risks in a plot, appropriate surveillance methods, with tolerance and intervention limits, choosing treatments based on their environmental impact in terms of active material, quantity, application period, respect of natural ennemies”.

At La Vaisinerie domain, what do we do for environment and health? 

Concretely, we are implementing precise observation tools in plots to permanently estimate vine needs, in order to minimize treatments instead of treating systematically? We have planted several kilometers of hedgerows which allow to segment plots et absorb streaming products, and we are using domain’s resources in water with a small lake.

Hence this is not organic agriculture, but we are permanently choosing the smallest environmental impact with the best possible treatments in frequency, quantity and quality, while guarantying vine heatlth and wine quality.

The production of Château la Vaisinerie, partially harvested by hand, is grown in oak casks for 12 to 14 months. Besides, this step differentiates our 2 main vintages : La Vaisinerie is grown in american oak casks, and Quercus in french ak casks.

Thourough harvest

Harvest is done by hand or mechanically and brought with care to vinification cellar in small inox tubs. It is selected on a succession of modern vibrant tables. Best part of the grapes are put into cellar tanks for a first cold maceration.

Our best vintages

After acquiring the domain in 2004, our first production was the 2005 vintage, one of the greatest vintage of the century. Nevertheless, improvement works, replanting, higher technicity of vinification process with high tech material allowed us to improve each year the result. We are particularly proud of our lastest vintages, et we consider that we have reached the full potential of the domain since 2011 or 2012.

The vinification cellar

This Building is the counterpart of the casks cellar, they are both on each side of the main house. With a regulated temperature and concrete tanks, the management of every vinification step is very precise and avoid hermal shocks. Greatest domains in Bordeaux region are coming back to concrete material for that reason. Our wine is of course bottled in the domain.